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I’m impressed by how fast this book was sold out. And I’m humbled by all the fantastic feedback I’m getting! I’m so glad this book is helping trainers worldwide to step to a new level. This book inspires, motivates, and challenges us to keep learning, growing, and enjoying the fabulous work we do. It’s an informative recap of a fantastic journey in canine training for more than 25 operational (!) years! Are you ready? Because this will be a life-changer for many trainers. Operational experience, practical training methods, and science come together in this book. This book will make you curious and inspire you to step into the next level in training! The biggest influencers in my career were Bob and Marian Bailey. In a German restaurant, ‘The Brauhaus’ in Hotsprings USA, we met in 1997 for the first time. We became good friends, and now the circle is round by first publishing this book in the German language! Gisela Rau and her team did an excellent job.
The first batch was sold out with record speed! Please be patient, the new batch will arrive very soon, and we work hard on the English version! Thank you so much! 

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