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The best part of an uncomfortable situation is that it’s teaching you to take action! It helped me learn new things, master new skills, take steps forward, and set goals. Keep in mind that a change will not be possible without a goal. But before you are willing to take action and set goals, you need to philosophize and be able to see what’s in front of you. It’s about motivation, meaning, purpose, perseverance, ownership, and belief, to name a few. I was lucky to meet Joke Stroobach (Hunters Academy Amsterdam) and be able to take part in her Hunters program. This helped me to set my new goals in life. Because my overall 2022 goal was to become the best version of myself,  for my workshop participants and the people close to me. The stepping stones toward my goal would be to finish my book ‘The Pavlov Project’. To start the ACT! Masterclass. To empower dog trainers worldwide. To create the “Believe In Yourself” K9 community. To bring new innovative training equipment on the market. To open my webshop and support trainers all over the world. And to become mentally and physically strong again. Self-reflection focus on important issues like food, daily exercise, rhythm, structure and be able to relax. On top of that I was able to surround myself with good, energetic people with the right intentions. Only the best version of myself can empower my ACT! Clients and workshop participants. My book is published, mentally and physically strong again after intensive training and loosing 10 kilos, masterclasses fully booked, six different ACT! innovative scent wheels, and more products, on the market, webshop is growing fast, and I’m so thankful that I can teach workshops again! All of this is bringing the ‘Believe in Yourself K9 community’ to live! If you haven’t set goals yet, let me help you create goals for you, your dog, your training, your empowerment and ongoing learning experience. Keep growing! Hope to meet you soon! Enjoy training!

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