“My goal is to share the power of operant conditioning with the rest of the training world, and create a much-needed shift in the minds of those responsible for shaping, conditioning, and leading.” – Simon Prins

Worldwide Workshops

Welcome to my website! I am thrilled to share my passion for dog training with you. As a dedicated professional, I travel the globe organizing workshops to empower dog trainers and enhance their skills. With a strong focus on empowerment, I believe in equipping trainers with the knowledge and techniques necessary to foster positive relationships between humans and their canine companions. Through interactive sessions and comprehensive training methods, I strive to create a supportive community of trainers equipped to handle any training challenge. Join me on this exciting journey as we unleash the full potential of dog training together. If you want information about one of my workshops,  please contact me via my contact form.


Dear friends and colleagues

Get ready for an exhilarating adventure as I take you through the exciting world of dog training! My newest book, Das Pavlov Projekt, has been making waves in Germany, receiving rave reviews from readers absolutely loving it! But that’s not all! Last year was a whirlwind of thrilling experiences as I traveled the globe, meeting incredible people and conducting a series of mind-blowing workshops. And guess what? I’ve introduced some groundbreaking products to the k9 world that revolutionise training techniques. We’ve got everything from stainless steel foldable scent wheels to unique odor imprint and recognition test sets! Take your training to the next level with our cutting-edge notebooks designed to help you systematically collect data. And that’s not all – our electronic smart wheel, coupled with the ACT! App, revolutionizes data collection like never before! Brace yourself for the ACT! Masterclass, specially crafted for instructors and our upcoming ACT! Online courses that will blow your mind! Explore my webshop for regular updates on our latest offerings. Reflecting on 2022, I’ve developed a clear and precise mission statement I’m eager to share with you.
  • Empower humans and dogs alike through our innovative feedforward coaching methods,
  • Bridging the gap between the k9 training world and scientists, creating a common language, and spreading cutting-edge training technology.
  • My aim is to inspire collaboration and weed out old paradigms.
  • Equip the K9 world with revolutionary training tools, ensuring that your work is efficient, effective, and, above all, safe.
Visit my online webshop to explore our fantastic range of products. Keep an eye out for the ACT! Academy, featuring our first online courses, with more to come! And, of course, don’t forget to check out the agenda for 2023, which is packed with an exciting overview of my workshops happening worldwide! Get ready to embark on an incredible journey with me!
ACT! Workshop UK

Photo with the courtesy of Surrey search dogs (UK)

Workshop USA Joint Forces

Private (online) coaching

Interactive workshops

The ACT! Masterclass

With my cutting-edge online coaching program, we’ll work together to create a tailored training plan for you and your dog. Let’s outline a clear protocol that will guide you step by step toward your training goals. Using video analysis, training data, and innovative feedforward techniques, I’ll be there to support you every step of the way. Together, we’ll solve problems, overcome challenges, and unlock your dog’s true potential.I provide a variety of personalized coaching services tailored to your needs. Choose between our online remote coaching program, designed for convenience and flexibility, or opt for our one-on-one private coaching, conducted either at my location or yours. Please reach out to explore more about these possibilities and find the option that suits you best.

Consider joining one of my international, interactive workshops. Experience a harmonious blend of theoretical knowledge and hands-on practice. Through proactive and forward-thinking coaching, I will help you to step outside your comfort zone into a space where remarkable growth and learning often occur. In general, my workshops are three days in length. With a maximum of 10 working combinations and some observers, we create a safe learning environment. There are no dumb questions and I love it if you make mistakes. Are you interested in planning a workshop for colleagues or friends? Feel free to reach out. We can design a personalized program that precisely caters to your group’s interests. See below the agenda for workshop dates and places where you can find me. 

As a coach and trainer, you understand that you are taking care of dogs and your students! You can only do that if you can show them the best version of yourself! Let me help you to become the best version of yourself. Let me introduce you to the ACT! Masterclass! Do you want to learn more about animal training? Do you want to learn more about detection dogs? Would you like to learn more about giving instruction? Do you want to learn more about yourself as a trainer and instructor? Then the ACT! Masterclass is really something for you! Because it is not always easy to be able or dare to choose your own path. So many opinions, different methodologies, assumptions, and beliefs. The ACT! Masterclass focuses on you as a person in the role of trainer, instructor, or enthusiastic fanatic dog lover.


FOR MORE DETAILS ‘go to the organizer’  

February 18-21 – Switzerland Match to Sample (go to the organizer)

March 6-7  – UK – Masterclass (fully booked)

March 19-20 Netherlands Detection workshop 

March 24-26 – Austria Detection The Next Level (go to the organizer)

March 31 – May 2 – Switzerland Detection The Next Level

April 8-9 The Netherlands Master class K9 Training & coaching 

April 15-16  Germany Detection The Next Level

April 23 The Netherlands Workshop Odor Recognition Test

April 28-30 – Sweden Götheborg

May 4 – 11 – Canada (go the the organizer

June 2-4 – Switzerland

June 5-6 – Switzerland (fully booked)

June 10-12 – USA Edward Meyers (for more info – contact the organizer)

June 13-14 – USA NYFD 

June 16-18 – USA Justin Rigney (go to the organizer)

June 23-25 -USA The Coventry School for Dogs Maryland (go to the organizer)

September 1-3 – Switzerland (go to the organizer

September 5-7 Odorlogie Austria (click here to visit their website)

September 08-10 Germany

September 24-29 USA ATK9 conference 

October 23-26 Germany 

December 01-03 France Cyno-OPS 

If you want more information about our workshops or you want to book a workshop in your own region,  please feel free to contact me. 

Book Prins-Pavlov-Projekt

My newest book is launched in the German language in 2022. An overview of the development of training methods and protocols for special operations. Tracking, functional obedience, detection, camera dogs, and more! 

The English version will be launched in August 2023! Stay tuned!

Work with me!


Prepare to embark on an intellectually stimulating journey through my seminars, meticulously crafted to cater to the human end of the leash. These highly informative sessions delve into a diverse range of advanced animal training topics, pushing the boundaries of your knowledge and skills. Spanning one to three days in duration, my seminars are a comprehensive exploration of cutting-edge techniques. I diligently keep up with the scientific developments within the training community, allowing me to zoom in on the training secrets that will leave you astounded. Be prepared for mind-blowing updates on the latest animal research, revealing insights that will challenge your understanding. Join me as we unravel the depths of animal training and unlock new levels of expertise together.

Join my workshop

ACT! Seminar Zweden

Following an ACT! workshop will be an extraordinary experience as I present to you these exceptional workshops. These dynamic platforms provide a space for information sharing and actively engage participants in guided practice, ensuring a profound integration of knowledge. Recognizing the unique learning styles of individuals, I employ a diverse range of teaching methods, leaving no stone unturned in my pursuit of clarity and comprehension. Meticulously crafted, these workshops blend theory and practicality, offering a holistic approach covering an extensive array of captivating topics. Get ready to immerse yourself in a stimulating atmosphere where theory comes to life through immersive practice, challenging you to expand your horizons like never before.

Private training

Workshop Germany 2018

Private training will be a transformative journey of personalized, one-on-one work with you and your animals. These meticulously tailored sessions offer a rare opportunity to dive deep into a wealth of focused, information-rich content, catering to individuals ranging from novice trainers to seasoned experts. Immerse yourself in a realm of custom-designed training programs meticulously crafted to suit the unique demands of your specific environment, whether it be your home, workplace, or training grounds. I will collaborate to develop training protocols perfectly aligned with your goals in your K9 training for hobbies, sports, work, or operational settings. By setting the stage for success, we will empower you and your animals to unleash your full potential and achieve remarkable outcomes. Get ready to embrace a journey that will revolutionize your training experience like never before.

Program development & assessment

Working in the professional animal training world is demanding. Having a clear set of guidelines and an excellent program to follow will allow anyone to reach goals and milestones while staying within budget. We carefully assess short and long-term goals and custom-design plans and protocols specific to the individual or group, whether designing a new program or refreshing an old one.

A selection of keynote topics

  • Mother Nature & Animal Training
  • History of Animal Training
  • Modern Training and Innovations
  • Training Humans
  • Training Animals
  • Detection Training
  • The ACT! Odor Recognition Test
  • Training and Consequences
  • Splitters and Lumpers
  • Protocol Training
  • Data Collection and Analysis
  • Search and Rescue
  • Selecting Trainers
  • Training radio directional K9’s
  • Human – trainer coaching
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