Reopening our workshops

We are so glad to re-open our ACT! workshops and seminars. During the lock-down periods, we took the time to design and build several new and awesome training devices for canine training. Also, we launched our first online courses, ‘The ACT! Scent Wheel Course’ and ‘ The Odor Recognition Test’.  And there are more courses to come. We took the time to update our workshop information. We studied new scientific material. We sharpened our own skill sets in advanced training methods for dogs and human coaching. And finally, on special request, we will offer some exciting workshops in Dutch! We will start planning, please follow our ‘agenda’ and see where you can meet us. Hopefully, we will meet soon!


Select topics for your workshop!​

In 2022 you can offer your company, team, club, clients, or friends a particular build ACT! Workshop by adding topics you like us to cover during the workshop. Customize the program in the way you want to fit perfectly into your company! Here are some ideas about the topics we offer. And, of course, we are flexible and open to discussion.

The ACT! workshops will be held over three days. You will be encouraged to step out of your comfort zone during these days. Because then the magic will happen. You will learn more about yourself, learn more about your dog, and will be amazed at how fast you both can grow. These workshops are accessible for all participants with all breeds of dogs on all levels. You are on a novice, advanced or expert level; you are more than welcome. With more than 25 years of operational experience, we make sure you will grow! 

  • Mother Nature & Animal Training
  • History of Animal Training
  • Modern Training and Innovations
  • Training Humans
  • Training Animals
  • Detection Training
  • The ACT! Odor Recognition Test
  • Training and Consequences
  • Splitters and Lumpers
  • Protocol Training
  • Data Collection and Analysis
  • Search and Rescue
  • Selecting Trainers
  • Training radio directional K9’s
  • Human coaching


I have tested many different ORTs worldwide and brought all this information together in the ACT! ORT test. This fantastic course will give you a lot of background information! This will absolutely get you to the next level as a trainer. It’s a real confidence builder! Videos and photos support the lessons. And a step-by-step program will help you to follow this new challenge for you & your dog

Working with a scent wheel allows you to gather data and work around the most challenging distractions with your dog. In an objective and scientific approach, this course helps you understand all the details about scent wheel training. You can use any scent wheel during this course. And if you don’t have a scent wheel, you can build your own with our manual that you will find in this course!  

The ACT! Odor Recognition Test

We are happy to inform you that we will introduce the double-blind ACT! Odor Recognition Test (ORT) during our workshops, starting in 2022. An excellent test, specially designed for detection! There are many types of ORT all over the world. In this way, K9 teams are tested if they are ready for basic operations. These tests are challenging for you and your dog. The ORT will give you an objective view of your level of training. 

Now ACT! is bringing this all together and making it accessible for you! During our ACT! ORT, you can test the detection skills of you and your dog. And you will become a part of the worldwide ACT! ORT community. Bring your dog(s) and the selected target odor(s) to our workshops. All participants start at level 3 and eventually will be able to reach the ACT! ORT level 1 GOLD! 

Ready to become a member in the ACT! ORT community?

Level 3 ACT! Bronze – Level 2 ACT! Silver – Level 1 ACT! Gold

Odor recognition tests (ORT) can be held in many shapes and forms and used in police, military, customs, and nosework environments. The only way to test if you are ready for operations or competitions is by doing these objective and science-based ORT’s! You can find our specially designed ORT training kits in our webshop! 


De ACT! Masterclass Detection training

Al vele jaren geef ik internationale workshops over de gehele wereld. Het is tijd voor iets totaal nieuws en dat vindt plaats in Nederland! In 2022 start ik met supergave kleine persoonlijk gerichte dieren training workshops geheel in het Nederlands. Binnen deze workshops is ruimte voor maximaal 6 personen. Op deze manier kunnen wij snel met elkaar een veilige omgeving creëren waarin iedereen zich op haar of zijn gemak zal voelen. Gedurende twee dagen richt ik mij op jouw persoonlijke ontwikkeling om samen met jou de verdieping te zoeken in het trainen van honden en coachen van geleiders. De workshops worden gegeven in het prachtige historische stadje Elburg, in de weekenden van zaterdag t/m zondag. Interesse? Schrijf je in op de wachtlijst via ons contact formulier. 

Prive training - maatwerk

Nieuw in 2022 is ons maatwerk programma. Nu kan je bij ons terecht voor specifieke hulp, of beter gezegd maatwerk voor jou en je hond. Wij starten met een uitgebreid intake gesprek van anderhalf uur. Daarin gaan we samen op zoek naar antwoorden op de vragen die je hebt. We bekijken en testen je hond. Waarna wij een specifiek maatwerk programma ontwerpen voor jou en je hond zodat jullie samen naar het volgende niveau te groeien. 

Daarbij hebben wij de beschikking over de modernste imprint devices daar waar het gaat om detectie en geurherkenning, feeder systemen, scent wheels, targets en andere innovatieve trainingsdevices. Voor onze uitgebreide speurprogramma’s maken wij gebruik van de prachtige bossen op de Veluwe. Jouw probleem, lossen wij op. Jouw volgende niveau, helpen wij bereiken. Voor meer informatie, geheel vrijblijvend, klik op de link onder de foto en vul het contact formulier in. Antwoord binnen 24 uur!

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