Within ACT!, innovation is an essential ongoing process. We started to work with laser directional dogs in the ’90s when lasers were costly and not easy to buy. Through the years, we did a lot of innovations and product development in the canine world. We designed many different canine camera systems. Used much different radio- and laser systems to send directional information to dogs. We experimented with their sense of smell by using other odor delivery systems (ODD’s) and many mixtures. 

We introduced a lot of electronics into the canine world to help us train dogs more efficiently and deploy them more effectively in many operations. Besides product development on and around dogs, we changed the training environment. We started to work with protocols, gathered data during training and operations, and used our data to make the training better all the time. We did work around the scent wheels by fitting them with electronic sensors, and computers are an excellent example. 

In this way, we could train dogs faster, imprint them better and make them more reliable ‘biological sensors’ in our operations. Besides the dogs, we also developed better ways to teach handlers and trainers. Product development is not only hardware. It’s also about training protocols, tactics, and much more. This development will never stop and is bringing us all together. Stay curious! Stay safe and enjoy training!

NEW ! The ACT! Result Tracker Methode

Are you prepared for the latest breakthrough in detection training? Get ready to revolutionize your detection work with the all-new ACT! Result Tracker Method ©! This innovative system empowers you to maintain double-blind conditions, even during solo training sessions. Elevate your detection training to unparalleled heights with our specially designed ACT! Result Tracker Method allows you to precisely pinpoint ‘hot’ targets and distractions. But that’s not all – your training data is seamlessly transmitted to your preferred spreadsheet format! Every crucial data point is meticulously logged, enabling you to analyze failures and successes easily. Whether you prefer Numbers (Apple) or Excel (Windows), rest assured we’ve got you covered every step of the way! You will find a handheld scanner in the box, 24 different target stickers, and 24 different distraction stickers! This will give you a very powerful data log about your detection training! When your dog finds a target, scan the code for the immediate result. When your display shows ‘TARGET,’ reinforce it! Displays show ‘Distraction’, then reset! This gives you valuable insights into your training, and now double-blind training is easy! See how Lily Strassberg (USA) training Vaya to find the target between multiple distraction odors!

Protocols and data

Perhaps our most significant and straightforward innovation was collecting data and writing protocols in 1997. After meeting Bob and Marian Bailey, it became clear that only data would give us objective information. “Are you better off now than you were this morning?” Would Bob ask me after every training session? Collecting data was the key to making better protocols!

Collecting and analyzing data, simple but not easy! 

Our first protocols dated from 1997. We started to collect training and operational data from which we produced our protocols. It’s exciting for us to see more trainers begin to use protocols, progression plans, and collect data. Nowadays computers are a great help!


You will find many of our products in our online shop or will encounter them during our active workshops. Some of these products are only suitable for police or military operations. Many of them are wonderful achievements within general detection training. And a few of them are still classified and not in the open. 

K9 camera systems

Camera dog Andor

The first camera system for dog Andor we developed in 1996. It was bulky, heavy but did the job. The equipment was around 6 kilos and these days just a few hundred grams.

Data note books

In the ACT! online shop you will find these specially designed data notebooks! They will help you to gather your data during training. With this data, you can make your training protocols better and see the progress in your training 

Keep Going System

ACT! KGS Bob Bailey

The Keep Going System (KGS) was developed to better communicate with dogs during training and operations. We invented the hardware, software and wrote the training protocols 

Sensor Data scent wheel

ACT! Sensor scent wheel

Scent wheels are fantastic to train detection dogs. These scent wheels are equipped with intelligent and sensitive sensors. The computer is analyzing the performance of the dog, and data is sent directly to your iPhone, iPad, or MacBook

Line up formats for ORT's

ACT! Line up

Odor Recognition Tests (ORT’s) will give objective information about the performance of the detection dog and the handler. We developed different ways to set up ORT’s in an easy way!

We like to help you to develop your ideas

If you want to go fast, go alone – if you want to go far, go together

Hardware development

Over the years, we built our network, we know where to find a quality, and we have a unique team of engineers around us that can help us develop and make what is in your mind. 

Software development

Our software engineers are also working with their dogs in many sports disciplines. They understand their software; they understand dogs. Together we are building a new future

And our dogs love to work with all this technology

ACT! Radio directional
ACT! OPs radio directional window
ACT! Ops radio directional
ACT! Line up Charlie
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