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The ACT! Masterclass is a unique and intense workshop about animal training focusing on you as a person in the role of a handler, trainer, or coach. While the K9 community seems to be more polarized than ever, I like to go back to creating inclusive teams, psychological security, and enjoying training. I encourage people to make mistakes because that is how we learn, like our dogs, by trial and error. But when there is no trust in the team, making mistakes or even asking questions is not ok. Stress levels in humans and dogs will rise. And when people get excluded from the group, when paradigms are the unwritten rules, and when there is no room for improvement or chance, then the process of learning is under pressure.

Creating a safe environment in the group and workplace is essential to ensure the success of any organization. A safe environment fosters respect, trust, and communication between people and contributes to a productive and successful training environment. It also allows people to feel comfortable in their training and work environment, leading to higher morale and better performance. The importance of creating a safe environment in the workshop can be seen in various ways. Safety is a top priority in any workplace, and a safe environment can help to protect people from workplace hazards. It is also important to create trust and respect among people, which can lead to better communication and collaboration. Additionally, a safe environment can help reduce workplace stress, improving overall productivity. 

Creating a safe environment in the team is also crucial for creating an inclusive group. Inclusive teams comprise people from diverse backgrounds, experiences, and perspectives. This type of team is essential for ensuring that all people have a voice and that their opinions and ideas are heard. It also encourages open dialogue and collaboration between trainers, leading to better performance. 

Inclusive teams are also the most successful teams. Studies have found that teams that are comprised of members from diverse backgrounds and experiences are more likely to be successful. This is because they have a variety of perspectives to draw on, which can help to come up with innovative solutions and ideas. Additionally, a diverse team can help to create a more positive working environment, as people are more likely to feel respected and valued.

During the Masterclass focus, we focus a lot on human behavior. How can you motivate people? How do you set your boundaries and protect them? Do you answer your emails immediately or in the middle of the night when you are supposed to sleep? How do you handle conflicts if someone doesn’t agree with your training plan? How do you control your emotions? Why do you need to be careful with judgment and labeling? How critical do you dare to be to another paradigm that doesn’t feel good, but everybody agrees with the group’s opinion? What is group pressure? How to apply operant conditioning, not only in training animals but also in the human world?

Of course, this will have a direct and positive effect on the animals too. Like people also, animals are allowed to make mistakes. This safe environment reduces stress and frustration. It creates a dynamic learning place where people help each other and dare to ask questions. Together they seek improvement, learn, share information, challenge existing paradigms, and respect each other’s skills. It’s exciting to understand the dynamics of team performance. Important fundamentals like trust, dealing with conflict, commitment, accountability, ownership, and results illustrate the elements needed for a team to reach its maximum potential. These fundamentals are important for human-human teams as for human-dog teams! 

ACT! Is operating worldwide. You can find more information on my website about the ACT! innovative training products and workshops about detection, odor recognition testing, tracking, scent wheel training, laser training, and radio-directional dogs. If you are interested in the ACT, Masterclass, don’t hesitate to contact me so I can provide you with the specific Masterclass you need for your organization! 

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