Workshop with Susan Garrett Canada

I had the honor and privilege to present a workshop together with Susan Garrett for her Inner Circle 2019 event.  Surrounded by many experienced agility trainers we presented and discussed about the important basic learning components in animal training. Another welcome topic was how to collect and analyze training data. We did exercises how to design and write your own training protocol. Between the theoretical lessons we trained dogs, following our new protocols. We collected data and received feedforward coaching from other participants. Susan’s motto for these days was ‘you can’t help any person or animal when you judge them’. In this perspective I added my workshop topic ‘training humans’ to this Susan Garrett’s IC Peeps event. Because we can learn so much by taking time to really listen and helping each other to grow. Sharing information and not judging is our way to build strong communities were people and dogs can live a enrichment life in a happy way within good relation. Besides my thankfulness to all the enthusiastic participants, I want to say a special thank you to Susan’s amazing team!


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