Bob Bailey and Friends

Bob Bailey and Friends Conference

It’s only one month ago since I returned from an amazing animal behavior and training conference. This was held in Hot Springs Arkansas USA. It was 22 years ago when I arrived for the first time in Hot Springs to meet Bob and Marian Bailey. We trained with chickens in their living room, they taught me to understand and use operant conditioning. And this first encounter evolved in a close friendship.

Just before Marian passed away I promised I would spread the word about the amazing work they did. I would do anything within my power to create a ripple in the K9 world. Empowering other trainers and improve training techniques to get better, faster and stronger behavior. To work more efficiently and effectively. To redefine the meaning and concept of ‘punishment’  and highlight the power of positive reinforcement. Because any trainer, can get any kind of behavior, in any circumstances if he is given enough time. I’m never accepting good enough, because we can do so much more.
This conference was amazing. I was honored to share the stage with other amazing speakers like Susan Garrett, Viviana Theby, Margaret Simek, Shelly Wood  and of course my guru Bob Bailey. This conference ‘Bob Bailey and friends’ was by far the best I ever experienced. It was also a moment in history when Bob Bailey officially announced to step back as a active coach, surrounded by his friends in the famous orca shirts. For me a week full revelations and setting new goals.
Starting my own business ACT! in 2018 was exciting and challenging. In just one year ACT! expended enormously and is active over the globe in many different countries. 

Teaching animal trainers the basics of operant conditioning, evaluating training programs, helping setting up data systems to be more effective and efficient. And designing, together with local trainers, the best possible protocols for their work. ACT! is creating a big shift in the dog training industry with a heavy emphasis on human empowerment, education, and, of course, animal training. We are already scheduling workshops for the year 2020! Please follow us on our FB page or website to stay up to date on our events and happenings. For all of you, do what you love the most and keep growing by stepping out of your comfort zone!


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