Workshop Detection The Next Level

Over the years I have been lucky enough to attend several seminars, workshops etc and occasionally privileged enough to meet individuals who have left a lasting impression; these last three days with Simon Prins were just such an event. It was apparent during the workshop organized by Astrid Lowe (of Enjoy Your Dog and Surrey Search Dogs) that Simon is ‘actively curious’ and not one who support the ‘its my way or the highway’ approach adopted by those who have but a fraction of his skills, knowledge, ability, training and experience. He was demanding and supportive of both handlers and dogs and tailored personalized development plans every day to ensure each team was pushed out of their comfort zone and given advice on how to progress at home. This was particularly of note due to the wide variety of dogs/breeds not to mention the handlers who encompassed the entire gamut of personalities! A true advocate of human behavior change for animals and an exemplar in a world increasingly populated by those too ready publicly denigrate their peers. This was reflected by the handlers/spectators all of whom actively supported each other both emotionally and practically. I, for one, look forward to a future opportunity to learn from a very skilled observer and communicator. Allyson Tohme England.

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