Testimonial Brian McGovern

I first met Simon in the early nineties when he was a serving police officer involved in developing canine special projects for the Dutch police. At the time i was actively involved in trying, in my own way, to change the dog training world from punishment to reward based training. At the time this was very controversial, with little acceptance of motivational, reward based training. Simon and I were introduced by a mutual acquaintance who realised that were we had a common goal: To introduce motivation reward based method in dog training and to prove that they actually worked and weren’t just academic theory. Throughout the last 30 years we have occasionally bumped into each other through our canine activities and it is heartwarming to see that Simon has maintained his principles and has applied reward based, motivational training to many types of canine activities. I believe his input into working dog training has improved the quality of life of so many working dogs.

Brian McGovern

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