Scent Wheel Smart ‘sensor & data’


This unique scent wheel is equipped with sensitive sensors, specially built electronics and runs on our developed app that will give you precise information about your dog’s performance. If you are interested send us an email about delivery dates and your specific needs. The price is the introduction price without shipping and tax

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This scent wheel is a real game-changer in the detection world! It’s our newest innovation, and we worked hard on the electronics, the software, and fine-tuning the overall data system. This eight-position scent wheel is unique globally, and you will not find this on the market! All target positions are equipped with sensitive sensors. As soon as the dog puts its nose in a target, the sensor will monitor this and send the information to the computer. The computer is installed on the scent wheel. It registration milliseconds and, of course, log this data! All sensors will be active during the runs. The trainer’s information is not only if the dog finds the correct target. In milliseconds, the trainer will receive how long the dog sampled each target position before it decided. The data is sent directly to your Macbook in a data file. Besides the fact that the information is sent to the computer, the wheel also indicates by the light the actions and results of the dog’s work. The ‘ring of results’ in the middle of the scent wheel is blue when the system is operational. A purple light will show the action whenever the dog’s nose is in one of the targets. A red ring indicates a false positive, and the ring will turn green when the dog finds the hot target. Of course, you select the target position and set up the duration for how long the dog needs to indicate before it gets a green light. The trainer can give a bridge signal and throw a reward when the green light appears. Or select that the scent wheel itself will reinforce the dog by operating the feeder fully automatic. On top of all this, we have developed a unique app for this scent wheel in which you will see the data live on your screen! And of course, the patent is pending, but we didn’t want to wait any longer to bring you this exciting news. Now we give you the opportunity to buy this unique training equipment!

Weight 35 kg
Dimensions 90 × 90 × 50 cm


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