Smart wheel ™ The scent wheel with ‘sensors & data’


The ACT! SMART wheel (TM) is a real game changer! This scent wheel is equipped with innovative sensors to monitor the special designed targets. The detection performance of your dog is monitored as soon as your dog’s nose investigates a target. Which target is the dog investigating, how long in milliseconds, and how often? During this process, the computer will gather this data, including judging if the dog indicates a distraction or the target odor. On top of that, the criteria are set by you before you start, simply by adding the duration time on the display of your iPhone or iPad. 

The ring of results will show you four stages. All sensors ready (blue), sensor activated (purple), result wrong (red) result succes (green). At the same time this information is in real time visible on your smartphone! You can decide to reinforce your dog or you can preset the SMART wheel to reinforce your dog by activating a feeder or ball machine. This SMART wheel will revolutionize the detection training world. This technology is helping you to train your detection dog faster, more reliably, efficiently, and effectively. The odor imprint mode is unique; you have never seen a better system before. This SMART wheel will rule out the Clever Hans principle right from the start. Are you interested? Check this product in my webshop at www.simonprins.com 

Secure this patent-pending innovation and redefine your canine training experience!

The price is the introduction price without shipping and VAT/TAX. Delivery time around 4 weeks

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Smart Wheel™: The Pinnacle of Canine Detection Technology

Introducing the revolutionary Smart Wheel™, the future of canine scent detection. This isn’t just any other piece of equipment; it’s the culmination of state-of-the-art electronics, precise software, and a sophisticated data system.

Unique Features:

  1. World-Exclusive Eight-Position Design: No other scent wheel in the world offers eight distinct target positions, ensuring diverse and comprehensive training for your dog.
  2. Sensitive Sensors: Each target spot has responsive sensors that detect when a dog puts its nose on it, recording the interaction down to the millisecond.
  3. On-Board Computer System: The computer installed on the scent wheel isn’t just for show; it actively logs data, ensuring that trainers have a clear record of every interaction.
  4. Instant Data Transfer: Why wait? The data is transmitted instantly to your MacBook, providing a comprehensive file of your dog’s activities during each run.
  5. Intuitive Lighting System:
    • Operational Indicator: Blue light in the central ‘ring of results’ indicates the system is active.
    • Detection Alert: Purple light signifies when a dog’s nose interacts with a target.
    • Correct vs Incorrect Alerts: A red light indicates a false positive, while a green light celebrates the detection of the correct target.
  6. Customizable Training: Choose the target positions, set the indication duration, and decide the reward mechanism. You can opt to reward your dog manually or allow the Smart Wheel™ to provide automatic reinforcement via its built-in feeder.
  7. Exclusive Smart Wheel App: Experience live data tracking on your device, ensuring that you’re always in the loop with your dog’s progress.
  8. Patent-Pending Innovation: We’re in the process of securing our patent, but we couldn’t wait any longer to share this breakthrough with the world.

Your opportunity to redefine canine scent detection training starts here. Grab your Smart Wheel™ now and step into the future!

Weight 35 kg
Dimensions 90 × 90 × 50 cm


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