The ACT! Scent Twister

 350,00 incl btw/vat

This awesome ACT! scent twister is unique in the market! At this moment the scent twister is out of stock.

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Our newest innovation is the ‘ACT! Scent Twister’. This is an awesome device that will bring you a unique opportunity to train your dog, even in your living room! Now you can build on trust and confidence in detection training! The size is 85×85 cm and only 10 cm high. It’s rotating smoothly; the spinning and rolling sound will attract your dog. The odor delivery devices (ODD’s) are attached brilliantly, innovatively. So it’s easy to clean, and fast repositioning of the ODD’s is possible. Delivery includes 10 ODD’s.
Fill the Odor Delivery Devices (ODD’s) with distracting odors. Use one ODD with a target odor, and let the detection game begin! Ideal for nose work maintenance training, imprinting odors, and training your dog to alert on minor amounts of target odor! This ACT! Scent Twister will be delivered with 10 ODD’s.
Weight 7 kg
Dimensions 85 × 85 × 15 cm
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