Odor Delivery Device ODD (round)

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The ACT! Odor Delivery Device (ODD) round

This unique ODD is a small metal container that will give you the opportunity to hide your target and distractor odors safely and securely. These ODDs are also used in all our scent wheel target positions. Choose your option in packages of 1-10 pieces.



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The ACT! Odor Delivery Device (ODD) round

This unique odor delivery device (ODD) will make your training so much easier. Now you can present your dog target and distraction odors in a way that the dog can not bite in them. These are the perfect ODDs for wildlife protection. The ODDs are small enough to hide in all sort of circumstances. Of course you can use them in our scent wheel and line up products. These ODDs are made of 410 stainless steel that will attract magnets so easy hide in your detection training. So you can use them in very innovative ways!

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