Detection – Nosework kit ‘professional’

 149,95 incl btw/vat

Get your professional detection kit to train your dog to the professional level! With this detection kit, you can handle all scenarios! This box is huge! 5.5 kilo full with detection gadgets!

Available on backorder


This detection / nosework kit ‘professional’ is the model for detection professionals. It’s filled with a lot of special items. This kit will give you the best opportunities to train your dog’s skills to a higher level. In this kit, you will find magnets, a waterproof notebook, sprayers, drip bottles, mini odor delivery devices, odor carriers, different cans, odor carriers, two special clamps, an original ACME silent whistle bridge and so much more. To make sure you will store your target odors in the right way, we added special containers and mylar bags.

Weight 5,4 kg
Dimensions 56 × 34 × 12,5 cm
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