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ACT! Multi Target Training System

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ACT! Multi Target Training System (MTTS)

This is the ideal odor training system to train your dog in detection or target work! Easy to set up in any shape or form. In this way, you can challenge and surprise your dog. Using this set gives you many opportunities. Imprint your young dog on odor. Train your dog to coop with distractions. Do your own double-blind line-up. Or start your dog on target training simply by using the clear criteria these targets will give you and your dog.  The system has 3 or 8 targets, and you can immediately start your training! Because in this box, you will find the magnetic targets, the ground plates, enough ODDs, a container with cleaning wipes, gloves, and an ACT! Clicker.

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This MTTS is an ideal multifunctional training set. You get the most perfect and versatile training system. The ground plates are light and very stable. You can use them in different ways. As for detection training, this is, in combination with the special ACT! odor delivery devices are an ideal training set for imprinting and odor recognition tests. It is also the ideal set to start you detection training from the first step towards more advanced training. Use them to form a line-up or quickly change the setup in any other shape or form: like line-ups, squares, triangles, crosses, or circles.
The targets are connected to ground plates by strong magnets. Specially designed in this way so you can add your targets on any metal surface, like cars, radiators, and cupboards. In this way, you can use them vertically but also horizontally. If you use the ACT! ODD, they will stick to the targets, not only horizontally but also vertically and even upside down.
Also, this is the ideal set to start your dog in target training. It is the ideal device for advanced target training, as we use it for our laser training and radio-directional dogs. Because of the magnets, you can attach these targets to any metal surface. And with our special little wall mounts, you can turn any training area into an advanced target training environment.
Weight 5,5 kg
Dimensions 25 × 25 × 15 cm
How many targets?

3 targets, 8 targets

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