ACT! Odor Recognition Test for professionals

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The ACT! ORT SET for professionals

These Line-up targets are made from stainless steel. Easy to clean and stackable! For the official ORT you need eight positions. This ACT! ORT set is very easy to use and will help you to run your ORT’s in a very smooth way. There are two options. The three target beginner set. Or the official ACT! ORT set which is complete with eight (8) stainless steel targets stands, 12 glass targets and 20 Odor Delivery Devices! Yes you can immediately start your training! On top of this you will find gloves, special cleaning wipes and the ACT! Clicker in your box. To make this complete you will now get, by purchase of the 8-target ORT set, a 50% discount code on our new online ACT! Odor Recognition Test Course!

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 Odor Recognition Test professional

This professional ORT is made of stainless steel, and every line-up target will be delivered with a glass target that is easy to clean. It’s an ideal and multifunctional training set. It will allow you to check the work of your detection dog by following an ORT protocol.  It is a beneficial tool to imprint new odors. It is ideal for teaching your dog to coop with different distractors. And you can change the setup very quickly in any other shape or form: line ups, squares, triangles, crosses, or circles.


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3 targets, 8 targets

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