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Are you striving for a harmonious bond with your dog? Want to train your dog with a method that’s not only efficient but also supportive and caring? We present to you – The Cato Board Training Method, a game-changer in the realm of dog training!

Objective Training for Both dog and handler: The Cato Board Training method doesn’t just train your dog, but it also trains you to become a better dog handler. We provide a clear and easily-understandable objective to guide your training sessions, ensuring you’re not wandering aimlessly in the world of pet parenthood.

Transforms Negative Behaviors: Struggling with unwanted behaviors? The Cato Board Method specializes in stopping negative behaviors in their tracks. We ensure your dog learns what is acceptable and what isn’t, all in a gentle, friendly manner.

Encourages Positive Behaviors: The beauty of The Cato Board Method is its focus on positive reinforcement. We train your dog to associate the Cato Board with safety and rewards, facilitating the adoption of positive behaviors. The Cato Board becomes a haven where your dog feels secure, understood, and loved. More Than Training – It’s Bonding: We believe that training should be about teaching commands and building a loving relationship. With the Cato Board Method, strengthen the bond with your K9 friend while also providing them with a safe and structured learning environment. Bring harmony, balance, and a whole lot of tail wags to your life with The Cato Board Training Method. It’s more than just training; it’s a way to love, nurture, and grow together!

The ACT! Cato Board Training Method ™ – Transforming Dog Training into a Rewarding Journey!


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Embark on a remarkable journey with your dog that begins with the perfect start and ends with a successful rest. Welcome to our online shop – your one-stop destination for the most versatile and innovative dog training tools in detection training where I like to introduce the Cato board.

Every dog has a story. A story that starts with a waggly tail and ends with a playful bark. But in between, there’s an enriching learning, bonding, and growth journey. That journey begins with our placement boards – the cornerstone of a smart training concept that brings out the best in your dog.

Safe, elevated, what will give clear criteria to your dog and its sturdy – The Cato Board is designed to be a launchpad for your dog’s bright future. Imagine an all-in-one tool that acts as a mental anchor, a reward system, and a training arena. The Cato Board is that magical place for your dog – a place of familiarity, comfort, and positivity. Say goodbye to chaotic moments at the door, erratic feeding times, and uncontrolled interactions. With the Cato Board, we bring discipline, steadiness, and control right at your fingertips.

Treat your dog with the gift of positive reinforcement. Be it training for remote sits, recall, handling drills, or upland hunting skills – the Cato Board is an amazing tool that changes the way you interact with your dog. Just a bit of patience, a dash of creativity, and your bond with your dog will never be the same! The best training journey begins with the perfect start, and ACT! is here to provide just that.

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