ACT! Odor Matrix Box ™

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ACT! Odor Matrix Box ™ : Transform Your Detection Training

Embrace the future of canine scent work with our ACT! Odor Matrix Box. Engineered for efficiency and effectiveness, this innovative detection tool is designed to elevate your training techniques and accelerate your canine’s learning curve.

Our Odor Matrix Box is constructed from durable, easy-to-clean stainless steel, ensuring it stands up to rigorous daily training and guarantees longevity. The box’s design is the culmination of over three decades of expertise in detection dog training, offering a blend of practicality and science-backed effectiveness.

But what sets the ACT! Odor Matrix Box ™ apart? It’s our unique multi-scent system. The box houses up to five different odor delivery devices, enabling you to introduce your canine to target odors amidst a range of distraction odors. This replicates real-life situations, preparing your dog for actual operations and enhancing their discrimination and detection skills.

With the ACT! Odor Matrix Box ™, you can gradually increase the complexity of training scenarios. Start with a single target odor, then introduce distraction odors as your dog becomes more proficient. This flexibility allows for a personalized training approach that meets your dog’s specific needs.

So, are you ready to revolutionize your training methodology? The ACT! Odor Matrix Box isn’t just a product – it’s a game changer for detection dog training. Step into the new age of scent work training with ACT! Odor Matrix Box ™. Discover the difference today!


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ACT! Odor Matrix Box ™

Welcome to a breakthrough in odor detection training – the ACT! Odor Matrix Box (OMB). Tailored to the needs of professional trainers and K9 teams, this innovative training tool transforms how detection dogs are trained, offering a highly effective, intuitive, and easy-to-use solution.

Our OMB’s sleek and durable design is the product of extensive client feedback and decades of expertise. Crafted from premium 1.5mm stainless steel, it promises durability, stability, and effortless maintenance. The box measures a compact 20×20 cm (7.8×7.8 inches), making it conveniently portable and easy to store. Weighing in at approximately 2.8 kg (6.17 lbs), it remains sturdy throughout training sessions, minimizing disturbances to your dog’s focus.

Choose the finish that fits your style, with the standard metallic or our elegant black powder-coated version. Both versions are designed with an ideal-sized hole in the lid, precisely shaped for your dog’s nose, and perfectly fitted for our ACT! glass targets. If your training protocol requires a different setup, we offer an alternative lid with tiny holes.

Beyond its smart design, the ACT! OMB is a multifunctional training tool. Begin with target training, then progress to imprinting odors, and eventually utilize the same system for official odor recognition tests (O.R.T.). This versatility allows you to optimize your dog’s training progression in one comprehensive system.

Cleaning the ACT! OMB is effortless, reducing the risk of contamination or residual odors from previous sessions. The box is also adaptable for teaching your dog to handle distractions effectively, and it can quickly be rearranged into various setups – line-ups, squares, triangles, crosses, or circles.

Discover the next generation of detection dog training with the ACT! Odor Detection Box. Transform your training today.

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