Course (hands on) Cato Platform Training

 375,00 incl btw/vat

This course is a hands-on course with many theoretical and practical training hours. In total, we will spend 8 hours together in which you will learn all details about platform training and so much more! This day includes coffee, tea, snacks, and lunch at a unique location

Book now, and you get a 25% discount on your first own CATO board! 

Platform training is the way to teach your dog playfully and positively reinforce basic behaviors such as SIT, AWAY, STAY, and HERE. This training is essential for training marine mammals, zoos, birds, and other animal species. These ‘stationaries’ provide your dog with calmness, information on what to do, and clear criteria. An ideal form of communication from which the basics are learned or a new exercise starts. In addition, this platform training is ideally suited to teach trainers and handlers new skills regarding timing, rewarding, behavior, and body language.
Now at ACT! is a specially tailor-made training where you learn everything about platform training. Not only in theory but also in practice. You can register on Saturdays and Sundays from August. The day consists of theory, learning principles such as classical and operant conditioning, Clever Hans, Premack, and much more, and choosing the right rewards, a way of rewarding. Communication through bridge signals. Positioning and body language. Working with protocols and collecting data. And a delicious lunch at a unique location. And, of course, many exercises with your dog and the platforms. From our own experience, we work today with the perfect CATO boards. These are provided by ACT! specially imported from the USA to Europe and are in stock in almost all colors. Register now and receive a 25% discount on purchasing your first own CATO board. For more information, email or check the online shop at


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