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Are you looking to condition your detection dogs faster, stronger, and in a more reliable way? Are you able to collect and analyze training data – in real time – that could help you to achieve your training goals? Can you easily see which distractions seem harder for your dog to overcome than others? If there was an apparatus available that could help you achieve all of this, and also provide  you with a reliable datasheet to prove in court that your K9 performs at the highest standards, would you be interested? Introducing the ACT! scentwheel. We’ve reinvented the wheel, so to speak, using the latest technology.
Our basic model is designed with 8 active positions. Glass containers hold the target and distraction scents. On each position, specialized sensors will measure the activity of the dog. The time of each position will be calculated and stored. Different colored led lights will indicate the activity and decision making of the dog. These led lights are visual for both the handler and bystanders. A computer program collects and analyzes the training data, indicating whether or not the dog has meet criteria. After this, the led indicator will color green signaling that the handler can reinforce the dog, or the computer will automatically reinforce the dog by activating a feeder or ball machine.
The scentwheel is easily transportable, and is designed with both the novice and the more advanced detection trainer in mind, allowing for various levels of scent conditioning, critical data gathering, and maintenance training in our ever-changing training environments. We do offer bulk pricing for orders of 5 or more scentwheels, and can also customize scentwheels to specification.
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*All scentwheels include an online training course and specialized training protocols. The option for in-person training is available for an additional fee.*

Canine Directional Training

In 1996 Simon started Canine Directional Training ©. He developed a detailed training program how dogs could be trained to follow voice directionals from the trainer by radio. Even far away and out of sight from the trainer these dogs work reliable and follow the voice commands they receive from their handlers

Target training

Even for the smallest dog in our ACT! workshop is target training much fun. Make sure criteria are clear. Use a bridge signal and nice rewards!

Wildlife detection 

Wild life detection dogs are doing a great job in finding endangered animals. Often these ‘target’ animals are hard to find. Researchers like Nathalie Espuno contact us some time ago for help in training her wildlife detection dog. Now she is using her dog Leia to help her in the field. During this ‘operation’ Leila found 17 salamanders that normally would not being found by the researchers.

Pat Nolan

Pat Nolan shows one of his dogs which will get the reinforcement by using her paws and mouth. Scientists thought that only animals like birds had this kind of insight.

Ball machine

My good friends Jagna and Pavlov from Poland are demonstrating they are using  Operant Conditioning (OC) and ball machines to teach their search and rescue dogs new skillsets

Bob Bailey

Learning operant conditioning from Bob Bailey. He uses chickens as live models. So trainers can bring theory right into practisch

Bob Bailey

Training a chicken color discrimination. Yellow is here the ‘hot target’. Bringing operant conditioning lessons into practice…

Are you interested in scent detection ‘ The Next Level’? There is so much information out there! Its important that we share information so we all can grow!