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Thank you Dave Hibbert to give me the opportunity to speak at IMPACT 2018. Sharing my topics as ‘How to improve your detection work’ and ‘Using technology in animal training’ planted seeds in the minds of talented animal trainers in the audience. Also focussing on the ‘State of Mind’ work done by Kimberly Artley ( is a game changer in the modern animal training industry. Glad to see friends like Tobias Gustavsson presenting about tracking. And meeting other great speakers. Seminars like IMPACT 2018 will have a huge influence in the dog training world. Because people are sharing ideas and experiences with a common goal. Trying to understand how we can train our animals better so we can make the world a bit safer! Thanks to all participants for your energetic feedback.

The magical kong in K9 Cops magazine

The Magical KONG

Magical Kongs

Its not a magical Kong or magical whistle thats being used as a bridge signal that will make the difference between good en bad training. Its about the timing, skillsets and criteria that the trainer will bring into the training. Read the article about: Magical Kongs

Work double blind with detection dogs!

It’s important that trainers and handlers understand the difference between false negative and false positive alerts, as we’re always influencing our dogs in multiple ways. Read the article about: K9 detection teams need to train double blind

Don’t ban training tools. Ban bad trainers!

There is a discussion going on which training tools we need to blacklist. Im convinced that forbidding the use of e-collars or prong collars will not stop the punishment training. We need to start discussing training methods and educate our trainers and handlers. Read the article about: Don’t ban training tools. Ban bad trainers!

Animal Training Documentary

In december 2017 Bob Bailey and Simon Prins were invited to visit Houston USA. They were interviewed about their work. Working together for 20 years means a lot of interesting stories. This documentary will give a insight in their amazing training concepts.

K-9 Cop Magazine

Simon’s an active contributor to K-9 Cop Magazine, a popular and highly regarded USA based magazine

K-9 Cop magazine april/may 2017

“De Jager”, Dutch magazine

Simon’s an active contributor to “De Jager”, a Dutch Magazine (apologies, this interview is written in Dutch).

Wat kunnen voorjagers leren van Simon Prins

Interview with Sophia Yin
(The Bark)

To remember my good friend Dr. Sophia Yin, DVM, (September 28, 2014)  I will place the interview I did with her and Bob Bailey. Sophia was an applied animal behaviorist. A long-time The Bark contributing editor, she was also the author of two behavior books.

Remembering Dr. Sophia Yin

Magazine Our Dog

Read the articles from the Dutch magazine Our Dog, written by Simon Prins. (all in Dutch, sorry about that)

  1. January 2017 Efficiënt trainen
  2. February 2017 Training
  3. April 2017 Aanpassen
  4. June 2017 Aai honden