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Dear friends and  colleagues,

I praise myself as lucky that we, as animal trainers, can connect with that other world. The world of our canine friends. I learned so much from the dogs around me. They brought me in contact with many great people all over the world. And maybe the best lesson they have taught me is that they live in and enjoy them now! They are not grumpy about yesterday; they don’t fear the future. They live their lives now, today! This website, my blogs, my workshops, and the products in my online store will help to energize your training. Keep dreaming about what is beyond the horizon because we still need to learn more about the dog world. They learn so fast, bond with us humans, and give us joy, help, and hope.  I hope to meet you during one of my workshops. Please do share your dog-related stories with me. And remember the words of my dearest friend and teacher Bob Bailey; “Animal training is simple, but not easy” Enjoy training, be happy! 

If you want to be updated,  join and participate in our Simon Prins ACT! community! Here you will find the latest developments in training, science, and products, and you can ask for the help of an enthusiastic, open-minded K9 community that will share knowledge. A community that is familiar with feed-forward principles and is open to everybody, and uses inclusion to grow more.

Keep learning, keep growing, ACT! now...

Be aware of assumptions in dog training

When it comes to dog training, it is essential to be aware of our assumptions and how they can impact our decisions. This is especially ...
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This week we celebrated our 25-year friendship

When I was asked in 1996 to design a new concept of animal training in the Netherlands police, yes, 25 years ago, my research brought ...
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My friend Ops passed away and I will miss him

Dogs play such an important role in our lives. And when they pass, its like time stands still and takes our breath away. At such ...
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Sold out!

I’m impressed by how fast this book was sold out. And I’m humbled by all the fantastic feedback I’m getting! I’m so glad this book ...
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Be the best version of yourself.

The best part of an uncomfortable situation is that it’s teaching you to take action! It helped me learn new things, master new skills, take ...
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The ACT! Scent Wheel

Scent wheels are awesome!

Recently, I saw some discussions and opinions on the internet about using scent wheels. Someone mentioned that your dog would not ‘meet them in the ...
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ACT! SW outside Ruud Haak

Improving detection dog training

I’m honored that I’m asked regularly to write articles in K-9 COP magazine. In issue 67, I wrote how to improve the training of your ...
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Bob Bailey & Friends event

I was thrilled to join as a speaker at this fantastic animal behavior and training conference. This was held in Hot Springs, Arkansas, USA. It ...
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Workshop Detection, the next Level France

It was a pleasure to work in France, where I had the honor to work with Stéphanie Michenaud, her organization Affinités Animals, and her friends. ...
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Advanced K9 Operation Seminar

I just returned from the Middle East, giving our Advanced K9 Operation Seminar. Working together with 50 canine combinations is challenging and busy. The facility ...
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Workshop with Susan Garrett Canada

I had the honor and privilege to present a workshop together with Susan Garrett for her Inner Circle 2019 event.  Surrounded by many experienced agility ...
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Workshop Greece

Working together with Dimosthenis Moumiadis and his Kynagon Dog Trainers was beautiful. His beautiful Academy is situated in the gorgeous Greece landscape. A fantastic place ...
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Improving the training of your detection dog

For K-9 Cop I wrote this article with the title ‘improving the training of your detection dog’ In this article, you will find a lot of information about scent wheels. Read the article about Improving Your Training

Magical Kongs for K-9 Cop

Especially in Europe a lot of detection trainers use Kong as a basic start target odor. For the K-9 Cop magazine, I wrote this article with more information. Read the article about this Kong Magic 

Working double-blind with detection dogs!

Trainers and handlers must understand the difference between false negative and false positive alerts, as we’re constantly influencing our dogs in multiple ways. Read the article about: K9 detection teams need to train double-blind

Animal Training Documentary

In December 2017, Bob Bailey and Simon Prins were invited to visit Houston, USA. They were interviewed about their work. Working together for 20 years means a lot of exciting stories. This documentary will give an insight into their fantastic training concepts.

Professional Animal Training

Simon’s an active contributor to K-9 Cop Magazine, a popular and highly regarded USA based magazine. Read this article K-9 Cop magazine april/may 2017

Bridge signals and Kongs

I wrote this article about Kongs and bridge signals. It’s not a magical Kong or magical whistle that’s being used as a bridge signal that will make the difference between good en bad training. It’s about the timing, skillsets, and criteria that the trainer will bring into the training. Read the article about Magical Kongs

Interview with Sophia Yin (The Bark)

To remember my good friend Dr. Sophia Yin, DVM, (September 28, 2014), I will place the interview with her and Bob Bailey. Sophia was an applied animal behaviorist. A long-time The Bark contributing editor, she was also the author of two behavior books. Remembering Dr. Sophia Yin

Dutch magazine "De Jager"

Simon’s an active contributor to “De Jager,” a Dutch Magazine (apologies, this interview is written in Dutch). Wat kunnen voorjagers leren van Simon Prins

Dutch magazine "Onze hond"

Please read the articles from the Dutch magazine Our Dog, written by Simon Prins. (all in Dutch, sorry about that)

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February 2017 Training

April 2017 Aanpassen

June 2017 Aai honden

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