Simon Prins

Empower trainers and handlers

My workshops are about empowering trainers, building your training protocols, collecting data, and using more positive training methods. Of course, we go into the newest insights in training. And yes, we train a lot of detection, hands-on. We teach what we just have learned in theory. You will find a mixture of lectures and actual …

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Pros and cons of Odor Detection Box training

Training a reliable detection dog is not easy because we need to dive into the minor details of training. Books, YouTube videos, FB posts, Insta tips, online courses, and instructors will tell you a different approach. Many roads lead to Rome. There is not one perfect approach that will always get you there. The reason …

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My training protocols are like lego blocks

My training protocols are like Lego blocks, which we all played with as children: they come in different sizes, shapes, and colors, and everything can be connected. With some imagination and skill, you can put the Lego bricks together and build whatever you want: from a small car to a Lego house to an entire …

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Sold out!

I’m impressed by how fast this book was sold out. And I’m humbled by all the fantastic feedback I’m getting! I’m so glad this book is helping trainers worldwide to step to a new level. This book inspires, motivates, and challenges us to keep learning, growing, and enjoying the fabulous work we do. It’s an informative …

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