“My goal is to share the power of operant conditioning with the rest of the training world, and create a much-needed shift in the minds of those responsible for shaping, conditioning, and leading.” – Simon Prins


Simon Prins gives workshops and seminars all over the world. Please be informed that this schedule is not constantly updated. If you want information about one of these workshops or Simon’s availability, please contact us via our contact form.


Dear friends and colleagues

We are glad to let you know that we are re-opening our ACT! workshops and seminars after a very long pause caused by the terrible Covid pandemic. Slowly the world is opening up, and we are ready!

During this period, we took the time to design and build several new and awesome training devices for canine training. You will find a few of them back on our website under ‘products.’ Also we launched our first online course ‘ The ACT! Scent Wheel Course’ and there are more courses to come.
And yes, we took the time to update our workshop information. We took time to study new scientific material, and we sharpened our own skill sets in advanced training methods for dogs and human coaching. And as a special surprise, our new book will be available in January 2022 in Germany first!

We will start planning, and hopefully, we will meet soon!

AGENDA 2021-2022


We are so glad to let you know that we are re-opening our ACT! workshops and seminars after a very long pause, caused by the terrible Covid pandemic. Slowly the world is opening up and we are ready! We started planning and hopefully we will meet soon!

October 2021 – Dubai

April 22-24 2022 – Switzerland in the Nord Vaudois region hosted by Educhien

May 6-8 2022 – Schotland hosted by Tynewater Canine

May 21-22 2022 – Greece hosted by Kynagon Dog Trainers Academy in beautiful Vasilika

November 16-18 – France hosted by Affinitesanimales


You can book Simon for multiple workshops, seminars, keynote training or private training sessions. The best way to find out about the possibilities is to contact us via our contact form.


Workshops are wonderful, interactive platforms to share information and actively put this information into guided practice. Every individual has a different learning style, so we make it a point to use a variety of teaching methods to ensure clarity and understanding. Our workshops are carefully crafted using both a theoretical and practical approach, and are designed around a wide variety of topics.

Our seminars are highly informative and are designed specifically with the human end of the leash in mind. They cover a wide spectrum of advanced animal training topics, and typically range from one day to three days in length.


One-on-one, tailored work with you and your animal. These are highly-focused, information-rich sessions, and will benefit everyone from the novice trainer to the most experienced.


Working in the professional animal training world is demanding. Having a clear set of guidelines and a sound program to follow will allow anyone to reach goals and milestones, all while staying within budget. We carefully assess short and long-term goals and custom-design plans and protocols specific to the individual or group, whether we’re designing a totally new program or refreshing an old one.